April 11, 2014

Four from this Week

I've dropped the ball a little this week... I haven't been posting quite as much and I meant to do a "Home Tour" post on either my Bedroom or Kitchen/Dining area but I did neither. Hopefully I'll have them BOTH posted next week to make up for it. In the mean time here are some snapshots from my week. 

1. The Dogwood tree by my patio and outside my bedroom window is in full bloom and looks absolutely gorgeous! 

2. To say I'm not a morning person is an understatement. My bed may look like just a jumble of sheets in this picture but it looked oh so comfy this morning it was difficult to not jump right back in (I took a picture instead).  

3. Cupcakes almost too pretty to eat from last weekend. White Midnight Magic was my favorite! 

4. My sweet boyfriend brought me these two red tulips from his yard when he came to visit me in Charlotte this week.


  1. I'll take one of those cupcakes, yum! Nice blog, glad I stopped by!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Gigi's Cupcakes are the best :)


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